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Welcome to my Indoor Rock Climbing Wall site!

If you like rock climbing, DIY and you are thinking “I wonder how to build an Indoor Rock Climbing Wall?”, stop it, there will be no thinking here!

What there will be is words, and pictures (pictures mean less thinking) and possibly movies, detailing my own experiences that came about from having left the organizing of a birthday present for my wife a bit late… and so asking “what do you want for your birthday?”

“I want my very own indoor rock climbing wall!” came the hasty reply.

Imagine my surprise when “OK” was my comeback.

Indoor Rock Climbing Wall climb

So it began… I searched for a good “how to build an indoor rock climbing wall” and came up with a few pages, but none that I thought covered it all the way I wanted it covered. Now that I have built my own climbing wall, I figured my learnings might be helpful to others looking for DIY climbing walls.

You might think its a bit tricky, what if the house falls down, people sue for injuring themselves, how am I going to grip on there with Ugg Boots on?

Don’t panic! During your stay here, all aspects of this project will evolve right before your eyes, in a Climbing Wall Spectacular!

From the type of sheets of ply, the hole sizes for bolts, styles of bolts, grippy paint, climbing holds, climbing ropes, belaying, carabiners, ATC’s, climbing shoes, anchor points, and most importantly, finding a stud… to attach the wall onto…

Anywho, I hope there is something new for everyone, my theory is, once you learn just one new thing during the day, you can go home for a climb!


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